Sailing the Dufour 560 in paradise (video)

Dufour560sailingWe love talking about the sophisticated design, modern lines, and high quality construction that helps Dufour Yachts stand out from the crowd. And we’ve already described how the hulls and decks are laid up, as well as how those hulls are stiffened with solid fiberglass grids and bulkheads that are both bonded and tabbed into place. And of course, all of these elements are crucial.

But sometimes, especially when it seems like winter is never going to end, and summer is never going to return, the best thing to do is sit back, and watch how all that sophisticated design and construction we’ve talked about earlier comes together to stir the senses. Especially when the water is blue. And the sun is shining. And the stunning new Dufour 560 is showing off for the camera in a Mediterranean paradise.

So let’s forget about boat building for a moment and savor the joy of boat owning. And what better way to do that than to enjoy this breathtaking video of the award-winning Dufour 560 in action.

Thankfully, we can all be reminded that, at least for us in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting longer, the ice is slowly melting, and we’ll be back on the water in only a matter of weeks. And if it’s not freezing winter where you are. Be grateful. And share your sailing stories and photos with us!

The first person to send us a photo of your Dufour in action will receive a limited edition Dufour hat. So let’s see it. Make us jealous! All the submissions we receive will be featured in future posts and the winning photo will get a special shout-out. To enter, please send a photo with a short description of why we should be jealous!