First Look: Dufour 382 Grand Large

The new Dufour 382We love this shot of the new Dufour 382 Grand Large because it really sets the tone for what this new model is–modern, beautiful, and pointed directly into the future. The Dufour design and construction teams have already had huge success with the bigger models like the 500 and the 560, but the 382 is no less impressive. In fact, since it’s harder to maximize the space on a smaller boat than it is on a larger one, this new performance cruiser in the mid-30-foot range may be even more impressive.

The new Dufour 382

Talk about big boat features on a smaller boat. The 382 boasts the superior visibility and the ease of a walk-through transom that dual helms make possible. The helms also have fantastic helm seat extensions that are as brilliant as they are comfortable.

The new Dufour 382

The cockpit is also finished out with just the right amount of teak decking while the coach roof mounted traveller provides just the right amount of control when the wind pipes up. Don’t you just want to be there in this photo?


Meanwhile, it’s wonderfully spacious below. I mean, how’s this for an interior lay out on a 36-footer? Head room is well over 6 feet. There’s room for 4-6 around the table. The double doors into the forward cabin make the space feel even bigger. And the woodwork is stunning.


Clever features like the small but effective nav station, and even the elegant lighting show how much effort was spent to ensure that the interior lay out delivers every comfort and convenience.

And the 382 is also incredibly versatile.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.49.44 PM

As you can see, the interior is available in many different configurations and you even get a choice of wood finish. This kind of “customization” is actually pretty rare on a boat of this size. But we believe choice is important and it makes all the difference in the world.

IMG_9170These large deck “windows,” in addition to many opening ports and hatches will insure the accommodations will always be light and airy.


Every yacht designer will tell you that effective, and easy-to-access stowage is at a premium on sub-40-footers and good storage is also the first to be sacrificed when design decisions get made. And that’s what makes the 382 so impressive. Simply put, the stowage is awesome. In fact the entire accommodation plan is awesome.

The new Dufour 382

If you’re in the market for a mid-sized performance cruiser that’s way bigger and sexier that you’d imagine, you should take the 382 for a test sail. It just might be the boat that’ll covert you from a boat “shopper” to a boat “buyer.”

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Dufour Insider: Design Difference

State-of-the-art construction techniques and best-in-class attention to detail are just a couple of the many ways that Dufour Yachts stand out in a very cowded field. But none of that would be possible without award-winning designs. And that’s what Dufour’s long-term relationship with world-renowned yacht designer Umbero Felci so special.

Unberto is more than just a yacht designer. He’s an artist. And anyone who’s sailed a Felci-designed Dufour (there have been 25 new Felci-designed models since 2005) would agree.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.50.24 AM

However, he’s also a scientist who uses sophisticated computer programs and large scale tank-test models to ensure his designs sail as good as they look.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.48.28 AM

And wait till you see the new models he’s working on next.

Dufour Lifestyle: Sailing Transatlantic on a Dufour 410

It’s been fun explaining how Dufour Yachts are built. But it’s even more fun hearing from happy owners who sail their boats all over the world. And that’s what makes this next video post so special.

We bumped into one of our South American Dufour dealers, Alvaro Bermudez, at the Miami boat show last month, and he’s inspired us with this story of sailing a new Dufour 410 from the factory in La Rochelle all the way across the Atlantic (and the Equator) to his home in Uruguay. The trip took 45 days and it sounded fantastic. And the cool thing is you can see for yourself. Alvaro was kind enough to share some of his video footage of the trip and we’ve spliced it together with some of the interview we did with him in Miami. Makes you want to get out there and sail over the horizon doesn’t it?

And we want to hear from you too. Please send us photos and videos of your Dufour here. We’ll be featuring the best photos and videos in future blog posts, and the wining submissions will earn a free Dufour hat too.