Dufour Dealers Do Much More Than Just Sell Boats (part 1)

Dufour 405 Jasmin at the 2015 Chicago-Mac start

Dufour 405 Jasmin at the 2015 Chicago-Mac start

Great Lakes Dufour dealers and founders of Broad Reach Sailing in Chicago are more than just boat dealers. Ted Anderson was the VP of Operations for a large aerospace corporation before he co-founded Broad Reach Sailing with Todd Williamson. Anderson also graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and was a surface warfare officer and nuclear engineer in the US Navy. Meanwhile, Todd Williamson got hooked on sailing while taking a semester long wilderness course in Baja Mexico. (NOLS). He founded his first sailing school in 2003 and teamed up with Anderson to form Broad Reach Sailing shortly after that.

They love to sail and it shows. The teach sailing. They have a fractional ownership program. And what may be the most fun of all, they sail and race with their customers. They also know that nothing compares with the venerable Chicago-Mac race and they race with a group of Dufour owners every summer.

The crew of the Dufour 405 Jasmin celebrate a strong finish at the end of this year’s Chicago-Mac race.

And this year, the crew of the Dufour 405 Jasmin (pictured above) owned by Dave Ormesher came in fourth out of about 30 boats in the cruising division. While Steve Salk’s brand new Dufour 500 Full Circle and a Dufour 36P also competed in the annual race to the island.

The Great Lakes Dufour community always enjoys Chicago-Mac.

Members of Broad Reach Sailing were part of each crew and as Todd Williamson says, “There’s a great Dufour community on the Great Lakes. We’re all friends and we’re already planning for next year.”

The folks at Broad Reach Sailing know that buying a new Dufour is only the beginning. The real fun starts once their new owners really get to experience the performance and comfort that Dufour’s are known for. And helping new owners get the most out of their boats is what they do best.

If you’re looking for a new boat and are in the Chicago area, go visit Todd and Ted at Broad Reach Sailing. They make it easy to enjoy owning a Dufour.

And be sure to check back later for Part 2 of this series that will cover fractional ownership that Ted, Todd, and other dealers offer.