Dufour Insider: Style Matters

Cannes, 01/09/2015. Photoshoot new Dufour Yachts model, Dufour 460, Photo © Jean Marie Liot / Dufour Yachts

I believe that style: in sailboats, or clothes, or houses, or even…minivans…matters. This became crystal clear after the birth of our second daughter when my wife demanded a minivan! And if you stick with me, you might see your next boat purchase in a whole new light.

My wife had been an avowed minivan hater for as long as I’d known her, so her newfound love for minivans came as a mildly disturbing surprise. But with the addition of the second car seat, stroller, and all the other stuff that comes with a growing family, the Nissan Pathfinder of our youth just wasn’t cutting it anymore. She was intoxicated by the magic of automatic side opening doors, extra storage space and a built in entertainment system. Her conversion was complete.


Dufour interiors are timelessly clean and modern.

So the shopping process began. Two models quickly rose to the top. The Honda Odyssey and, by way of brand loyalty, the Nissan Quest. They both had most of the features we were looking for, were within our price range and had good reputations for reliability. The Nissan seemed to have a little more interior volume and was about $5,000 cheaper. But to me, the look of the thing came up a bit short. It wasn’t that bad and I would not go so far as to call the Honda a beautiful vehicle, but it looked a lot more balanced in the profile and it somehow seemed to add a certain “coolness” to the parent factor. So while the concept of saving $5,000 was very tempting, we bucked our brand loyalty and went with the Honda.


This cockpit will never go out of style.

It’s been a fantastic vehicle for us and in a parental kind of way, I still really like the way it looks. Occasionally I’ll see one of those Nissan Quests on the road and to me, they are just plain ugly. Although we paid more for the Honda, several years later I know we made the right choice and bought something that, at least in the realm of mini-vans, looked good and felt right.

So what does this have to do with Dufour sailboats? Well, some say that the current styling trends of some other sailboat brands—boxy shapes, angular lines, slab sides, high freeboard and top heavy profiles—will fall out of fashion and are going to look pretty dated in a few years.

DUFOUR_YACHTS_PLAN_MOYEN_27Sure we’re biased because our boats aren’t styled according to the latest “trends,” but we aren’t making up the customer feedback that comes through at the boat shows either. People are going out of their way to tell us how much better we look. They mention how clean our lines are, how sleek and sexy the profile of the whole range is, and how everything just “works”.

From the inside you can see that the Dufour style is clean and modern but not trendy. World renowned designer Umberto Felci and our in-house design team always go for looks that merge form and function without sacrificing either one. We always strive to to achieve a certain elegance above and below decks. And the results speak for themselves

So while shopping for your next boat, picture what it’s going to look like 5 years from now.

Will you still look forward to stepping on board every time?

Will you look back at it with pride as you leave it on its mooring?

Dufour owners we talk to say “YES!.”

Do yourself a favor and don’t be stuck with a boat that’s going to look dated in a few years.

Timeless elegance never goes out of style.

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PS Dufour Yachts will ALWAYS be cooler and more stylish than our minivan (pictured below), but you get the drift!