About Us

Dufour Yachts has been based in La Rochelle, France since 1964. Our shipyard produces about 400 monohull cruising sailboats annually and today offers 12 different models from 24 to 63 feet that are distributed in more than 30 countries around the world. Dufour yachts are well recognized for exceptional sailing qualities, contemporary styling, abundant on board comfort amenities, and robust construction. Detailed product information and a dealer locator can be found at our main website; www.dufour-yachts.com.

Our Product Line: Three ranges for cruisers.

Performance:  This range is aimed at the customer who is serious about club racing, but doesn’t want to sacrifice cruising comforts. These are not just our Grand Large series hulls with a different deck layout. The boats are somewhat less beamy than our GL series models and have a higher SA/D ratio. The keel drafts are deeper and we also offer a the option of lead instead of the standard iron. You’ll also find a more racing friendly cockpit layout, including a traveler just forward of the helm station and more winches. The interiors are fully appointed with all the comforts of a true cruiser, so whether you’re out for a weekend with the family or headed around the bouys on a Wednesday night to score bragging rights, a Dufour Performance model will be fully up to the task. Current Models: 36, 40e, 45e. Explore the full range of Performance models from our main website.

Grand Large (GL): Culturally translated, “Grand Large” means “Open Ocean” or “Endless Possibilities”, a true expression of our design philosophy. The concept of our brand has always been to produce a comfortable cruising boat with exceptional sailing characteristics, allowing our customers to experience the “Endless Possibilities” of the open sea. A range of design and construction features allow us to deliver a cruising yacht with outstanding speed and maneuverability, easy handling for small crews and all the comforts of home both above and below deck. On board you’ll immediately notice the wide beam allowing for a voluminous interior with plenty of storage capacity. The spacious and versatile cockpit will comfortably hold a full crew without restricting access. The cabintop travelers provide a full range of mainsail adjustment without restricting canvas choices, and the cockpit winches are mounted within easy reach of the helm station. The “L” shaped high volume bulb keel and robust construction methods ensure stability and strength for those long distance offshore passages. A wide range of comfort amenities guarantee a great time both underway and in port. Current Models: 310, 350, 382, 412, 460, 512 Explore the full range of GL models from our main website.

Exclusive: Bigger and bolder, our Exclusive range models 56 and 63 will expand your yachting experience into a new realm. Luxurious accommodations and amenities combined with exhilarating performance, easy handling and elegant styling. These models also offer a higher level of “Exclusive” customization in layouts, materials and equipment. Explore the 56 and 63 Exclusive models from our main website.

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