Dufour 382 Grand Large North American Debut

ZG6bQQXViXFacM_gJ3V2P8IRzHinYkZJT5iDW2upRlQWe’re extremely excited to announce that one of our newest and most versatile models will be making its North American debut at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis from October 8-12.

The Dufour 382 Grand Large is a 37-footer that has the soul of a much bigger boat because Umberto Felci and the Dufour design team have come up with innovative solutions to insure this good-looking performance cruiser is available in a wide range of configurations that you don’t usually see on boats in the 30-foot range.

TIiJFgSOGUgTOqjn0vzwv-aeMGZYcSAFLeLTpIDs9f8And the choices are much more than the usual optional equipment. The interior is available in with six different floor plans. There are two possible galley positions, two or three cabin versions, and it’s also possible to add a second head.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.49.44 PM

The boat that will be on display in Annapolis has two cabins, one head and an “L” shaped galley. It also has a huge cockpit locker on the port side. m5t7ZKYJHJ7z1DABUgamkkS3ZnjfWY1PRiWefvvZFhsA set of double doors opening to the enclosed forward cabin open up the saloon to provide a spacious social area that’s bright and airy thanks to two big deck windows and several opening hatches.

The sailplan offers the same flexibility and can be configured to suit your sailing preferences and prevailing weather. You can order a new 382 with: a standard or tall mast, self-tacking jib or overlapping genoa, classic mainsail or in-mast furling.  A fixed sprit can also be added to accommodate a gennaker or furling Code Zero sail as well.

The huge cockpit, large, drop-down transom, dual helms, and clever helm seats are additional examples of how the Dufour design team looked to maximize every inch of space on deck. And it works beautifully.

gkcMeaiWIQER7lxNs2OyFZwCWgkq2PWSxLNJnn5jcjcThe boat will be in Cruising World’s Boat of the Year contest and SAIL magazine’s Best Boat competition.

So, if you’re in the market for a mid-sized performance cruiser that’s way bigger and sexier that you’d imagine, check out this complete walk through tour for the complete story!

Video tour image

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Dufour Yachts names new Australian importer


Sydney’s famous Opera House is the perfect backdrop for testing the full range of Dufour Yachts that are now being imported to Australia by PCY.

Dufour Yachts is pleased to announce that Performance Cruising Yachts has been named the exclusive agent and importer for Dufour Yachts in Australia.

Performance Cruising Yachts is headed up by Ex-Olympic yacht racer Matt Hayes. PCY is located in exclusive marina facilities at Sydney’s Darling Harbour, and features a staff of 15 that includes service technicians, maintenance personnel, professional skippers and administrative support. It’s also the sister company to successful yacht charter business Sydney by Sail that was established in 2003.

Dufour CEO Salvatore Servio and PCY's Matt Hayes celebrate their new partnership.

Dufour CEO Salvatore Serio and PCY’s Matt Hayes celebrate their new partnership.

Dufour CEO, Salvatore Serio said, “We are thrilled to confirm our decision to work with Matt Hayes and his extremely talented team at Performance Cruising Yachts. The spectacular location in downtown Sydney is the perfect setting to display our range of modern cruising yachts. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Hayes has developed a proven formula for success and attracted an immense customer following perfectly suited to our products.”

Performance Cruising Yachts’ Matt Hayes said: “Dufour Yachts products are a perfect fit for our broad base of active sailing clients. The outstanding stability and sailing qualities, cruising comforts and high quality finish stand a cut above the other offerings in our marketplace. My recent visit to the Dufour Shipyard in La Rochelle showed me how impressive Dufour is on all levels. I was able to see firsthand how their experienced boat builders are able to take high quality materials and efficiently transform them into exceptional cruising yachts using highly refined processes.”

The partnership started off at the hugely successful Sydney Boat Show last month.


PCY hosted a celebratory cocktail reception that was attended by more than 80 Dufour owners and prospects. And the response to the new models they had on display—310 and 382—and PYC was fantastic.

And this is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

Dufour 410 puts the “Racer” in Cruiser / Racer

11329842_10152922633403870_7073258810069751241_n Eric Kesler and the crew of his new Dufour 410 Sea Dacha didn’t waste any time getting down to business in the 470-mile Annapolis-to-Newport race earlier this summer. And as you can see in this photo taken before the start, they were pretty ready for the sporty conditions they experienced in the race. And so was their Dufour 410. In fact, an overnight offshore race like the Annapolis-to-Newport race was almost tailor-made for a boat like the 410. It’s fast and easy-to-sail and it will also take care of you when the seas get up. The cockpit is wide enough to provide excellent visibility for the helmsman, and plenty of room for the trimmers and crew to work. Sail controls all lead back to the cockpit and dual instrument pods in front of each helm deliver all the vital in for you need to keep the boat sailing fast.NMC8ZiVJUOdbcW0XfJVAa0I_qpnStQz7ztdeB1Zs3yg

But the cool thing about the 410 is that it truly is a cruiser / racer. It has a fast hull shape with a sophisticated keel and rudder system and a powerful rig, but it’s manageable as well. It’s a comfortable cruiser  that as we see, can also win races. And you don’t have to be a veteran offshore racer with decades of experience to handle it. In fact the Sea Dacha came in 1st place in their class in spite of the fact that some of the crew had limited offshore experience. And this is where Eric’s relationship with Grady Buys, his after sales yachting specialist from North Point Yacht Sales in Annapolis, Maryland really paid off.


Grady didn’t just sell Eric a boat. He helped him get it set up for both cruising and racing and then he even joined Eric’s crew on the race up to Newport. And not only that, they won their class. Talk about full service!


So if you’re looking for a new Dufour in the Annapolis area give Grady a call. He knows boats. He knows racing. And he sure knows Dufour. And if you’re lucky, he may even race with you.

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First Look: Dufour 460 Grand Large


The newest Dufour is still so new we can only give you a glimpse of the 3D drawings. But its easy to see that the Dufour 460 is a modern, high-performance cruiser that fits perfectly into our line of sophisticated, award-winning boats.

And like the hugely popular 560 (and all of our new-generation models that we partnered with Umberto Felci to design), the smaller, 460 has the same dual wheels in the cockpit, the same highly efficient self-tacking jib, the same, ultra sexy hard chine aft, and of course it’s equipped with the same bow-sprit that forms a great mounting point for code 0 as well as an easier way to deploy the anchor without damaging the boat’s plumb bow.


As you can also see, the new 460 boats the hugely popular aft swim platform and outdoor “galley.”Dufour 46 GL - Forward galley version 6The interior is bright, spacious and modern. The galley up by the bulkhead allows the salon seating area to occupy the widest area of the boat.

Dufour 46 GL - Forward galley version 2

The salon also benefits from significant headroom and plenty of light from both fixed windows and opening hatches.

Dufour 460 GL - Forward galley version 8The galley also boasts significant stowage and counter space. Most owners may want to be cooking up on deck, but his galley is also ideally suited for offshore passagmaking.

So that’s just a taste. The first models are being built now and the boat will be making its debut at the Cannes Boat Show in France in September. We’re putting together several VIP tours to see the new 460 as soon as it’s launched over at the factory in France.

So if you’re interested, be sure to contact your nearest Dufour dealer (listed below).

New England: North Star Yacht Sales

California, Florida, Washington: Denision Yacht Sales

Annapolis: North Point Yacht Sales

Chicago: Broad Reach Sailing

Toronto: True North Yachts

Vancouver: Yacht Sales West

Montreal: Marina Lennox

Summer is Here! Get in the Cockpit and Grill!


The Dufour 560 and many other Dufour models have several features that similar sized performance cruisers just don’t have. And as you can see in the photo above, the enormous cockpit of the 560 that doubles as super-stylish portable sun deck at anchor is just one of them.


But what really sets Dufour’s apart is the ingenious built-in cockpit “galley” that’s integrated into the stern area of the 560 and other models. Hot and cold pressure water is available in the sink, the cook top is big enough to cook a gourmet meal, and there’s counter space and storage space too. Why would you ever want to cook anywhere else?


Of course, every galley needs a fridge, right? The fridge that’s built into the sturdy cockpit table insures there’s always have a cold drink close at hand.

KR8ZAVDwJMY8gR5Tea_4FoVPBo0KbKjgPwnrN1mPTzsThe beauty of the stern area on our newest generation models is the way they combine both form and function. Lifting the gas-shock powered stern seats reveals the entire galley and provides easy-to-pass-through cockpit access. As you can see, the swim platform is huge and there’s tons of storage space for both the liferaft and other on-deck essentials.


But when you’re really ready to chill out, the cockpits on these models convert into ultra-comfortable lounge areas. I mean check out the “beds” on the stern seats when they down. Wake me up when it’s time for cocktails!

xI0i7_VOjh6JufAUw-1H2piiGmXbv9aZ1Ava8imBw04And if the stern beds weren’t enough space, the cockpit seat easily converts into a double “bed,” while also allowing access to a deep cockpit locker.

We at Dufour take the comfort of being at anchor as seriously as the boat’s performance undersell and it shows. So get out there and sail, and sunbathe, and GRILL!

Dufour Insider: Performance sailplans

jTqLc0AX5G-y5sNJiZz9JfvYnTaAh7J07g6qvXPKYZoAs any of you who have visited this site already know, Dufour Yachts are performance cruisersAnd we’ll be the first to admit that the term performance cruiser is used to describe so many boats these days that the word can mean different things to different people.

But, we here at Dufour take the term very seriously, and are constantly striving to strike the delicate and rewarding balance between comfortable accommodations and sports car performance. You’ve seen it in how we, and Umberto Felci’s team design our hulls, and keels and rudders. And how we take great pride in devising innovative solutions to maximize comfort both on deck and below.


And just as you can’t have a sports car without a powerful engine, you can’t have a serious performance cruising sailboat without a sophisticated, modern rig, and a powerful, yet easy-to-manage sailplan. We also talk to customers from time to time who are convinced that you can’t have a true performance boat without sailplan that features a big, overlapping, hard-to-grind-in 155% genoa. And since there’s no really easy way to say this, we’ll just say it. It’s not true!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 3.16.53 PM

All Dufour’s are rigged with tall, fractional rigs that feature bigger, more powerful mainsails and smaller fractional headsails that hardly overlap at all because this configuration simply performs better in nearly every condition. Some of the ways modern fractional rigs are superior to the overlapping masthead rigs of the “good ol days” include:

You don’t have to reef as often since the basic sail controls depower the mainsail to a greater extent.

When it is time to reef the boat’s center of effort and the weight aloft is reduced at the same time. The boat still balances well.

A reefed main retains its efficiency way better than an roller-reefed jib. In fact a roller reefed genoa is a horribly inefficient at every angle.

The chainplates can move outboard and compression loads on the mast can be greatly reduced.

In turn these lower loads allow for reduced weight in both the rig and the hull structures.


An added bonus with a fractional rig is that it can be placed farther forward in the boat so there can be more open space inside without the keel-stepped mast or compression post breaking up the saloon.

While we do offer an option for in-mast furling, most of our boats are still delivered with traditional mainsails because we have made them much easier to handle. The “inclined boom” inspired by the design of the open 60’s (which are sailed singlehanded) allows plenty of headroom clearance in the cockpit with a gooseneck lowered to down to a comfortable working height. We also supply a lazy bag and lazy jacks as well as single line reefing.


Most of our models have a self-tacking jib, which is great for convenience upwind, but does give up some performance on the reaching angles. As soon as you ease the sheet on the self tacker, the top opens up and you lose power. So to make up for that, we have integrated the possibility for the furling “Code 0” style asymmetrical headsails into every model. You can have the best of both worlds and the convenience of a furling sail for reaching.

All our models also offer the option of a 108% overlapping jib as well. For customers who sail in predominantly light winds and don’t mind tacking the jib manually, they can have tracks on the deck and a larger sail, giving them the choice to use either one as they see fit.

Take one for a test sail and you’ll see. Nothing strikes the balance between performance and luxury quite like a Dufour.

First Look: Dufour 382 Grand Large

The new Dufour 382We love this shot of the new Dufour 382 Grand Large because it really sets the tone for what this new model is–modern, beautiful, and pointed directly into the future. The Dufour design and construction teams have already had huge success with the bigger models like the 500 and the 560, but the 382 is no less impressive. In fact, since it’s harder to maximize the space on a smaller boat than it is on a larger one, this new performance cruiser in the mid-30-foot range may be even more impressive.

The new Dufour 382

Talk about big boat features on a smaller boat. The 382 boasts the superior visibility and the ease of a walk-through transom that dual helms make possible. The helms also have fantastic helm seat extensions that are as brilliant as they are comfortable.

The new Dufour 382

The cockpit is also finished out with just the right amount of teak decking while the coach roof mounted traveller provides just the right amount of control when the wind pipes up. Don’t you just want to be there in this photo?


Meanwhile, it’s wonderfully spacious below. I mean, how’s this for an interior lay out on a 36-footer? Head room is well over 6 feet. There’s room for 4-6 around the table. The double doors into the forward cabin make the space feel even bigger. And the woodwork is stunning.


Clever features like the small but effective nav station, and even the elegant lighting show how much effort was spent to ensure that the interior lay out delivers every comfort and convenience.

And the 382 is also incredibly versatile.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.49.44 PM

As you can see, the interior is available in many different configurations and you even get a choice of wood finish. This kind of “customization” is actually pretty rare on a boat of this size. But we believe choice is important and it makes all the difference in the world.

IMG_9170These large deck “windows,” in addition to many opening ports and hatches will insure the accommodations will always be light and airy.


Every yacht designer will tell you that effective, and easy-to-access stowage is at a premium on sub-40-footers and good storage is also the first to be sacrificed when design decisions get made. And that’s what makes the 382 so impressive. Simply put, the stowage is awesome. In fact the entire accommodation plan is awesome.

The new Dufour 382

If you’re in the market for a mid-sized performance cruiser that’s way bigger and sexier that you’d imagine, you should take the 382 for a test sail. It just might be the boat that’ll covert you from a boat “shopper” to a boat “buyer.”

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Dufour Insider: Design Difference

State-of-the-art construction techniques and best-in-class attention to detail are just a couple of the many ways that Dufour Yachts stand out in a very cowded field. But none of that would be possible without award-winning designs. And that’s what Dufour’s long-term relationship with world-renowned yacht designer Umbero Felci so special.

Unberto is more than just a yacht designer. He’s an artist. And anyone who’s sailed a Felci-designed Dufour (there have been 25 new Felci-designed models since 2005) would agree.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.50.24 AM

However, he’s also a scientist who uses sophisticated computer programs and large scale tank-test models to ensure his designs sail as good as they look.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.48.28 AM

And wait till you see the new models he’s working on next.

Dufour Lifestyle: Sailing Transatlantic on a Dufour 410

It’s been fun explaining how Dufour Yachts are built. But it’s even more fun hearing from happy owners who sail their boats all over the world. And that’s what makes this next video post so special.

We bumped into one of our South American Dufour dealers, Alvaro Bermudez, at the Miami boat show last month, and he’s inspired us with this story of sailing a new Dufour 410 from the factory in La Rochelle all the way across the Atlantic (and the Equator) to his home in Uruguay. The trip took 45 days and it sounded fantastic. And the cool thing is you can see for yourself. Alvaro was kind enough to share some of his video footage of the trip and we’ve spliced it together with some of the interview we did with him in Miami. Makes you want to get out there and sail over the horizon doesn’t it?

And we want to hear from you too. Please send us photos and videos of your Dufour here. We’ll be featuring the best photos and videos in future blog posts, and the wining submissions will earn a free Dufour hat too.

Dufour Insider: Keels

IMG_6204It’s obvious to see that you get a sexy, well-built hull, and a spacious and finely crafted interior, when you buy a Dufour, but it’s also important to note that we take just as much pride in how our boats look and perform below the waterline as they do above. And nothing makes a bigger impact on both speed and stability underway than the keel.


But as you can see here, Dufour keels are as sexy as our hulls. I mean, doesn’t that keel just look fast? It is. And you know why? Because a team of highly skilled designers and naval architects have crunched the numbers to produce some of the fastest and most stable keel shapes you can find on any high-performance cruising boats.


It’s no easy feat to maximize speed and stability with a heavy piece metal that must cut through the water beneath the waterline. But, as you can see above, the narrow chord length of the deep fin is designed to produce maximum lift while and the long narrow shape of the heavy bulb is engineered to maximize stability and reduce drag. In fact, a good portion of the boat’s overall displacement is located in the bulb. And that’s something you may not see, but will certainly feel when you’re steering upwind in a good breeze. A Dufour with a keel like this above will dig in and take off like a rocket. While a boat with a keel like this…


…will not perform the same way. You’ll feel it in the helm. The helm on a boat with a keel like this will probably feel a bit more sluggish in a breeze. But a Dufour with a keel like this…..


will come alive. It’s simply a matter of physics.IMG_8778

The same can be said of a keel like this. Yes, it does provide some stability just from its sheer size, and it does counter balance the sideways force created by sailing upwind but, it’s also safe to say that a similar-sized Dufour with a sophisticated bulb keel is probably going to be faster, stiffer, more stable, and more fun to sail than a boat with a keel like what’s pictured above.


Now there’s no denying that a boat with a heavy T-bulb keel like this one pictured above has all sorts of upwind performance benefits. However, nothing is more prone to catching (and holding on to) everything from lobster-pot lines to speed-sapping kelp than a keel like this.


Dufour keels are designed to provide the best of both worlds–superior performance (and single rudder protection) while also being much better at shedding stray lines. And as anyone who has ever had to go over the side to free a line from a keel can attest–it’s no fun. Having a keel that’s not prone to catching lines is vital.


It’s also very important to note that Dufour uses some of the most robust stainless-steel keel bolts you can get and each bolt attaches to the hull with multiple locking screws. The keel-to-hull connection is further strengthened by the fact that the bolts are offset to spread the loads of the keel evenly throughout the hull structure.



Even the 56-foot flagship 560 has this kind of ultra-high performance keel. Why would you settle for anything else?